Span Resort & Spa offers a complete nature retreat when you are looking for more than a typical vacation. Venture out to Rohtang Pass, one of the highest points on the eastern Pir Panjal range of the Himalayas. Guests can get adventures by engaging in various activities like river rafter, mountain biking, hiking or trekking. Also take the liberty to discover the local food and cultures.

People of Manali have a unique socio-cultural lifestyle. Their living reflects the varied culture and rich traditions that their ancestors used to follow in the ancient past. With the advent of industrialization, Manali has developed a lot. Today, around 70 per cent of the people are literate and involved in various sectors of employment. 

Languages & Religion
Manali is the home of different tribes. Pahari and Hindi are widely spoken in the region. People of Manali celebrate many festivals and the cultural belief of the locals is reflected in these festivals. People of Manali celebrate many festivals like Dussehra, Hadimba Devi fair which is celebrated in the spring season, Doongri Forest festival, Lossar Festival which is celebrated to welcome the Tibetan New Year and Spring Festival also known as Basantotsava or Pipal jatra.

Manali is famous for vegetarian as well non-vegetarian foods. Some of the most popular dishes are Siddu, guchhi matter and sepu vadi while famous non-vegetarian dishes include kullu trout, grilled fish and chicken anaardana.

Local Festivals & Art and Music
Dussehra in Kullu Manali is celebrated with grandeur where effigies of Ravana are burnt to mark the victory of Lord Rama. This is a week long cultural festival celebrated in the Kullu Manali valley. Pipal Jatra is another important festival here. Another significant festival is Shamshi Virshu that is celebrated every year on 13th of April. The three day long fair of Bhuntar is an opportunity to be part of the colorful carnival of this place.

In Manali, watching folk dance performances by indigenous tribal communities is a real charming act. They play several traditional musical instruments that keep the people awe struck. The indigenous folk dances reflect the rich culture and heritage of Manali.

Mall Road

The Mall Road is the throbbing nerve street of Manali, and is lined with plenty of hotels, eateries and shopping opportunities. That explains the top three things you can do around here – sleep, eat and shop. Buzzing with activity throughout the day, especially during the peak summer season, this is the perfect place to begin exploring Manali, as your hotel is most likely to be around the corner.

Ranging from trinkets like key chains and keepsakes to the extortionately priced pashmina shawls, the Mall Road in Manali is the answer to all your shopping needs.

Manu Market

Manu Market is a quaint marketplace, located next to the Main Street in New Manali. It is an Indian-style market with narrow lanes lined with shops, a good number of restaurants serving delectable cuisine and few economy lodging options. From clothes to footwear, food, electrical appliances, cooking utensils, Tibetan jewellery and all sorts of knick-knacks, there are seemingly endless items on sale in this market.

Surrounded with beautiful forest-covered hills, Manu Market exudes an unmatched energy and vibrancy. The exquisite artefacts on display in the shops, and local people in their traditional attires incite every visitor to click pictures. So, make sure you carry your camera when you visit Manu Market.


REWALSAR LAKE about 25 km.from Mandi, and 14 km.from Ner Chowk is the Rewalsar lake, famous for its floating islands of reed. It is maintained that all seven of them can be moved by prayer or breeze, Here are three shrines-a Buddhist monastery, where elaborate rituals are performed, a Sikh gurdwara and a Hindu temple.

BAJAURA’S MAHADEV TEMPLE in Kullu District it is famous for orchards and ancient temple of Basheshar (sanskrit Vishveshvara) Mahadev about 200 metres from the village in a plain between the main road and river Beas. The pyramidical temple is embellished with wonderful carvings in stone and sculptural decorations.

BIJLI MAHADEV TEMPLE in Kullu District situated at an altitude of 2,438 metres {8,000 ft.} and can be reached by a tough but rewarding climb through a 6 km.long trek. A sixty feet high support of Bijli Mahadev Temple glistens like a silver needle in the sun.

MATA VAISHNODEVI TEMPLE 3 k.m. from Kullu on the way to Manali. A place of worship of Hindus situated by the river side. One can enjoy the river and simultaneously pay tribute to the goddess Vaishnodevi.

SHRI MANIKARAN SAHIB at an altitude of 1,737 mtrs. {5,700 ft.}at a distance about 45 km. From Kullu via Bhuntar, Manikaran is a famous spot in the Parvati Valley for its hot water springs, trout fishing and Ramchandraji’s temple.

NAGGAR it is situtated about 6 Span Resorts, across and on the left bank of the Beas river at an altitude of 1,768 metres {5,800 feet}. Nestling on a wooded slope, it commands a splendid and extensive view of the valley. Naggar was the capital of Kullu Rajas for about 1,400 years. A Kullu Rani, it is said, flung herself from one of its balconies to dispel the suspicion that she had a lover in hiding. She is said to have proved her innocence by the amazing fact that as soon as her body touched the ground, it turned into a figure of stone.
Naggar Castle, a huge beautiful building. This Castle was constructed during the reign of Raja Sidh Singh. Stones used were brought from fort, situtated on the other side of Naggar. Near the castle is the exiled Russian Painter Nicholas Roerich’s house, now an art gallery exhibiting his himalayan panorama.

HADIMBA DEVI TEMPLE is 0.5 km from Manali is a famous place to visit for all the tourists. The lovely temple stands as a mute tribute to the supreme artist who sacrificed the very hand with which he carved his paen in wood to the goddess of the Dhoongri Temple-Hadimba Devi.

TIBETAN MONASTERY in Manali is famous for the Buddhist Temple and is famous for its Carpet weaving and Tibetan handicrafts.

JAGATSUKH is 6km from Manali. The place is famous for very old temples.

VASHIST is 3 km from Manali is famous for its Shiva Temple and very old Gayatri Temple. Vashisht Hot Sulphur Spring on way to Rohtang Pass 5 km.’s from Manali, renowned for its invigorating sulphur baths.

KOTHI is 12 kms. Which over looks the narrow valley and gives you a commanding view of the mountains.

SOLANG VALLEY is 13 kms a splendid valley between Manali and Kothi which offers views of the glaciers and snow capped mountain peaks.

ROHTANG PASS offers a magnificent view into the Valleys of Lahaul, Spiti and Kullu is 51 km away from Manali town at an altitude of 4,111 meters {13,400 ft.} on the highway to Kelong. This pass affords a wide spread panaroma of mountain scenery. The eye meets a range of preciptious cliffs, huge glaciers and piled moraine and deep ravines.

We can never forget that the name given to the valley “THE VALLEY OF GODS” deserves even more than this.

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